“It’s everything they described it to be. I’m so happy here.”


When my mother moved into the Lodge, I would never have imagined she would, at 83, become the happiest she had ever been in her life! Most things brought her enthusiasm and joy evidenced by her huge smile. However, her life at the Lodge heightened her happiness to a whole new level. Here are reasons why:

-Proximity to others for a morning chat, exchanging smiles, and knowing there were people all around, at all times that cared
-Plentiful activities to be social, engaged, and keeping her mind active
-Options for social mealtimes
-Celebrations of each others’ birthdays, visiting families, holidays
-Variety of entertainment to choose
-Very caring staff, outside her door, to say hello, help with a phone task, or tangled jewelry
-Beautiful and well maintained facilities & amenities

…and most of all, the opportunity to make new friends in a caring community, where help was available in a moment’s notice. She was safe, cared about, cared for, and thrived in the loving environment at the Lodge.

In her words all the years, “Rob, pinch me that I get to live here!”

Robyne, Resident’s Daughter